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There are a multitude of possibilities regarding the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Over the years, the appearance of the smile or the color of the teeth can change, due to different factors: coffee, taking medications, tobacco, genetics, etc.

Cosmetic dentistry will allow you to correct or repair your missing or damaged teeth.

It will also allow you to change the color or shape of your teeth.

It is not necessary to go through major surgeries for dental aesthetics, you can find all the suitable solutions with Dr. Choukair.

  • Facets:
    They promise you a perfect smile. Veneers are ideal if you have stained, slightly deteriorated or imperfect teeth. They can be made of ceramic or composite, and provide a harmonious, stain-resistant smile. The veneers are made by Dr. Jamil Choukair after taking the impressions and defining the necessary work. Several visits are essential when installing veneers.

  • Tooth whitening:
    White teeth indicate excellent oral health and are a significant advantage in everyday life.
    We whiten teeth using whitening agents that remove stains on the teeth. An examination is necessary before tooth whitening because it is applied to healthy teeth.

  • Remodeling:
    This technique can be performed in a single session, thanks to the composite. A thin layer of resin is deposited on the front of the tooth. They help improve the appearance or camouflage the appearance of misaligned or worn teeth.

  • Crowns:
    Crowns are fixed dental prostheses which restore a damaged, discolored or degraded tooth; they can be placed on the tooth or screwed onto an implant. They will restore a functional and aesthetic appearance, for a harmonious smile.


Installation of your veneers and crowns for a more aesthetic appearance of your teeth. A “minimally invasive dentistry” approach for a natural result.


Periodontology, guarantor of healthy gums and an improved smile. Maintain the health of your mouth with specialized care.


Reconstruction of your teeth through the use of implants. You will benefit from improved comfort and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


The Invisalign technique allows you to wear dental appliances discreetly, in the form of removable trays, which can be removed at any time for your comfort.

Dr. Jamil Choukair

Brussels – Paris

Medidentale (18)
Reveal the natural beauty of your smile!

Transform the smile of your dreams into a reality. with Dr. Choukair.

You will benefit from personal and adapted advice for the daily treatment of your mouth, and the best options for making your dental aesthetic choices.

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