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Your smile specialist

Doctor Jamil Choukair, dental surgeon with a practice in the Brussels and Paris region, is available for all your dental consultations.

Aesthetics: By being as least mutilating and invasive as possible, we make modern dentistry technologies available to offer you the most beautiful smile, with a natural result or that of a Hollywood star. You will explain your requests to us in your own words and translate that into a result that will enhance your life.

Periodontology: After a thorough clinical examination, we will treat all types of infections related to the gums and bone around the teeth. Your tooth loss, your tooth bleeding, your bad breath will be permanently stopped thanks to the eradication of periodontal disease. PERIODONTITIS IS NOT INCURABLE

Implantology: Placement of NOBEL BIOCARE titanium implant, for a durable, aesthetic and stable prosthesis.

Invisalign: Wear discreet, removable braces to effectively align your teeth faster and more comfortably than braces.

Make an appointment with Doctor Choukair to turn the smile of your dreams into reality. You benefit from personal and adapted advice for the daily treatment of your mouth and the best options when making your dental aesthetic choices.

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Installation of your veneers and crowns for a more aesthetic appearance of your teeth. A “minimally invasive dentistry” approach for a natural result.


Periodontology, guarantor of healthy gums and an improved smile. Maintain the health of your mouth with specialized care.


Reconstruction of your teeth through the use of implants. You will benefit from improved comfort and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


The Invisalign technique allows you to wear dental appliances discreetly, in the form of removable trays, which can be removed at any time for your comfort.

Innovative dentistry

the minimally invasive facet

Explore the Amazing Before and After Results of Patients Who Received Dental Veneer Implants

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you and your team. Your work is remarkable. From the moment I stepped into your office, you listened to all of my needs and met all of my expectations. You eliminated every one of my dental problems with professionalism until achieving this beautiful smile. Your strength is that you always strive for perfection for your patients. You are a perfectionist with golden hands. If you are looking for a top dentist who welcomes you into a beautiful bright office surrounded by dedicated professionals, Go Go Go.
Farah L.
🦷 My Journey to a Radiant Smile with Dr. Jamil Before meeting Dr. Jamil, smiling was a challenge for me. My job demands a lot of communication, especially during meetings, but my discomfort in showing my teeth often prevented me from expressing myself fully. Fortunately, everything changed when I walked through the doors of Dr. Jamil's office. From our first meeting, Dr. Jamil took the time to listen to me and reassure me. He carefully explained the necessary steps to transform my smile, thus dispelling my apprehensions. His ability to put me at ease convinced me to take the leap towards change. The process was not only professional but also incredibly personalized. Dr. Jamil worked tirelessly to ensure that the result was not only aesthetic but also natural. And what a result! I am amazed by the transformation: a radiant smile and teeth that look almost natural. Today, I smile without hesitation, and it has a positive impact on my professional communication and self-confidence. Dr. Jamil has not only transformed my smile, but he has changed my life. I am infinitely grateful for his expertise, empathy, and professionalism. His office is a place where you feel listened to and taken care of with the utmost care. For those who are still hesitant to take care of their smile, I can only recommend Dr. Jamil. His remarkable work has allowed me to make up for lost time hiding my teeth and to fully flourish. Thank you infinitely, Dr. Jamil, for everything you have done for me! 🌟 Photos are available on his Instagram. Tariq
Dr. Jamil Choukair from MediDental is a true magician! I have always been self-conscious about my smile, but after undergoing treatment with Dr. Choukair, I can't help but radiate confidence. His expertise and genuine kindness have transformed my smile beyond my expectations. Thank you, Dr. Choukair, for giving me a reason to smile more brightly every day!
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Tirza T.

Your Invisalign expert

Invisalign techniques are suitable for children and adults, they allow you to wear dental appliances discreetly, in the form of trays. Entrust your smile to the expertise of Dr. Jamil Choukair, a recognized Invisalign specialist, passionate about innovative technologies in dental and aesthetic care.

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