A balanced smile thanks to implants

A comfortable and natural solution:

Dental implants are medical devices that replace lost or damaged teeth. The results of dental implants are aesthetic and comfortable. You will benefit from a solid foundation for your new teeth. A thorough examination will help determine treatment planning.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

You will keep a good structure and balance of your jaw, implants prevent teeth from moving, help with speech, chewing and also prevent certain dental diseases caused by the absence of teeth.

How is an implant placed?

After an examination by the dentist and x-rays, the dentist performs local anesthesia and then places the implant, which will replace the root of the tooth. This part will serve as an anchor for a permanent tooth. The new tooth will match in shape and color, and follow the natural alignment of the teeth.

What will happen after surgery?

Allow 5 to 7 days for the gums to fully heal. It will take a few months for complete healing, before the tooth is fitted (a crown, a bridge, or a prosthesis).

Healing can be accelerated by good oral hygiene; the day after surgery, you can start rinsing your mouth with salt water again.

Follow-up consultations will monitor the progress of healing and give you the necessary advice for your oral hygiene. Regular check-ups with your dentist guarantee the longevity of your implants and the beauty of your smile.


Installation of your veneers and crowns for a more aesthetic appearance of your teeth. A “minimally invasive dentistry” approach for a natural result.


Periodontology, guarantor of healthy gums and an improved smile. Maintain the health of your mouth with specialized care.


Reconstruction of your teeth through the use of implants. You will benefit from improved comfort and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


The Invisalign technique allows you to wear dental appliances discreetly, in the form of removable trays, which can be removed at any time for your comfort.

Meet Dr. Jamil Choukair

Your smile specialist

Doctor Jamil Choukair, a dental surgeon practicing in the Brussels and Paris region, takes care of you for all your dental consultations.

  • Aesthetics: We will help you choose the best option for your new smile
  • Periodontology: After a clinical examination, we will treat all types of infections related to the gums and bone around the teeth.
  • Implantology: Placement of titanium implant, for a durable, aesthetic and stable prosthesis.
  • Invisalign: Wear discreet, removable braces to straighten your teeth.

Make an appointment with Doctor Choukair to transform the smile of your dreams into a reality. You will benefit from personal and adapted advice for the daily treatment of your mouth, and the best options for making your dental aesthetic choices.

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