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Orthodontics has made enormous progress, and among the notable advances, Invisalign is positioning itself as a discreet and effective solution to correct dental problems. Explore with us how this innovative method works, its distinct benefits, and why it may be your best choice for a perfect smile.

The process begins with a detailed consultation: Using dental impressions and 3D images, a tailor-made treatment plan is developed to visualize the anticipated progression of dental alignment. A series of custom-made clear aligners are then made, with each aligner worn for a set length of time, to gradually move the teeth.

Aligner changes follow a set schedule, and regular visits ensure treatment goes smoothly.

Why choose Invisalign?

Invisalign offers an almost invisible aesthetic, thanks to its transparent aligners, thus eliminating the worries linked to traditional orthodontic appliances, the aligners are removed with each meal and allow easy and efficient maintenance. They accommodate a variety of orthodontic problems, providing a versatile solution for different concerns.

The smooth plastic aligners avoid irritation associated with wires and braces, providing superior comfort throughout the treatment, plus the 3D simulation provides a clear view of the treatment progress and allows spacing of appointments at the dentist.

Thanks to Invisalign treatment, you can continue to practice your sport as usual, because you can remove them during your sporting activity.

Invisalign is more than just orthodontic treatment. It is a modern experience that combines efficiency, discretion and comfort. Each case being unique, it is strongly recommended to consult a dental health professional for a personalized evaluation.

Dr. Jamil Choukair is a recognized Invisalign specialist and will guide you towards the most suitable and least restrictive solutions according to your desires; he will create your custom-made Invisalign trays for a perfect adaptation to your teeth.


Installation of your veneers and crowns for a more aesthetic appearance of your teeth. A “minimally invasive dentistry” approach for a natural result.


Periodontology, guarantor of healthy gums and an improved smile. Maintain the health of your mouth with specialized care.


Reconstruction of your teeth through the use of implants. You will benefit from improved comfort and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


The Invisalign technique allows you to wear dental appliances discreetly, in the form of removable trays, which can be removed at any time for your comfort.

Dr. Jamil Choukair

Brussels – Paris

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